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Beneath the Dark Sky by GoldenEyeKnuckles
Mature content
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TSoH - The Lost Chronicle
1/20/23 17:43. Somewhere in the middle of the United States.
"We need to do something with this asshole! If we starve him to death, he'll smell like death!"
"Well, if he doesn't negotiate with us, we can take other drastic measures."
"Like what?"
"We just got "it" in a month ago and it's up and running"
"Ohhhh, that. I completly forgot about that. Are you sure it works?"
"Yeah, we tested it on Jerry, why not him too?"
"Poor ol' Jerry, should've shut his mouth."
"Can we even do this? Is it even legal?"
"Nobody cares anymore, not even the President!"
"Stupid pigs!"
Tied to a chair in a dark room, the hacker sits there patiently waiting for his torture. Then, two guards walk in and shortly after that, a man in a trenchcoat walks in. They were all looking at the hacker with the same look. They all wanted him dead at least for looking at private information. But "it" might make the hacker talk.
"Who are you?"
The hacker sits and looks at the man with anger on his face as he did not speak. T
:icongoldeneyeknuckles:GoldenEyeKnuckles 0 0
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United States
  • Listening to: Came Back Haunted _ Nine Inch Nails
  • Playing: Killing Floor
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Well....It's been almost 4 years since I had submitted something to this site. Where the hell have I been for the few that are watching here?

A lot has changed in the past 4 years. I have actually migrated from Deviant Art to FurAffinity. I have done a lot of artwork involving fetish themes, and I quite frankly have enjoyed doing so. Reality has been a roller coaster of unexpected events, consequences, hardships and gains. I have actually moved out of the web design field into a completely different field due to the availability of jobs, and I was successful in starting into a new career. I've got a decent job, and making a good, but not great, income.
     I will admit, I have been on here so seldom, but I have seen the people here change drastically. If you ask me, it's kinda nice to see the change. I've changed a lot as well, especially in my works. No more Fireworks from when I used to use in 2009 with my limited knowledge, but I have been using Photoshop for my works(which I will upload some normal work). With my job and all, it's been kinda difficult to draw when you're tired from a 9 hour shift. I do like to draw on the weekends when I get the chance, but that may be a couple of sketches and that's it. I hardly ever draw SFW content anymore, but don't expect that kind of material on this site. I will link to those who wish to see what I have developed over the years.
    I feel slightly guilty for not advising that this account is rarely active. I don't expect to use this account a lot, but I do hope I can submit more SFW material onto here. Hopefully of GoldenEye Knuckles or even of my newer character Klussnave.

    If you wish to contact me, give me a note or something and I can respond with a deny or give you my skype which I commonly use today.

So to those who wish to see my other account, I do warn you that this account contains material that is fetish themed, and may offend or disgust you. You have been warned


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